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Oh My Bees! The Shocking Benefits of Fresh Honey from South Carolina

How large a difference fresh honey makes! Today, we take a closer look at the rather shocking benefits of fresh honey from South Carolina. Walhalla has a large amount of local beekeepers. These people make it their business to secure natural and fresh honey.

What a lot of consumers may not realize is that not all honey is the same. A general impression that people have is that honey is merely taken from the bees and packed into the bottles they see in supermarkets. While that is the general progression, it cuts out a lot regarding the process.

Fresh Honey versus Commercial Honey

Fresh or raw honey is the liquid that does come straight from the beehive. It isn’t processed in any way and it put straight into the container that it is sold in.

Commercial Honey is also harvested from the beehives. However, it undergoes treatment before being packaged and sold.

What’s the significant difference between the two?

Fresh honey has all the nutrients intact. Processed or commercial honey does not. If you’re wondering why that is, the answer is very straightforward. When the honey is taken to be commercialized, it passes through significant processing. It is often drastically heated then rapidly cooled. This form of pasteurization often damages the enzymes and vitamins that honey normally carries. Instead of the truly nutritious honey, what consumers get is a more presentable yet toned down version of honey.

Fresh honey, when left alone, will form sediments. So it will look darker and chunky. Commercial honey will always be light colored and clear. That is what they achieve after processing it.

What benefits does fresh honey carry?

Fresh or raw honey has an impressive laundry list of minerals and nutrients in it. Raw honey can contain iron, calcium, potassium, Vitamin B6, and so much more.

Fresh honey can be used as an effective antiseptic. There are medical establishment is Europe that use honey to fight Staph infection. Staph infection is notoriously resistant to most antibiotics. The mere fact that honey can combat this is startling.

Raw honey is one of the best cures for digestive problems and issues. If you’re ever suffering from indigestion, popping two spoonfuls of honey will help to soothe the pain.

Locally sourced raw honey is great for relieving any allergy symptoms. There is a theory being thrown around in the medical circles that honey can act as a natural vaccine toward allergens. Fresh honey is full of antioxidants. These are good for your heart and can significantly lower the risk of infections.

What a lot of consumers may not realize is that fresh honey is a pretty effective facial wash. Its antibiotic properties make it efficient anti-acne skincare routine. Speaking of beauty routines, raw honey is a pretty good anti-dandruff treatment as well. Dandruff occurs when certain bacteria call your scalp home. Raw honey removes the bacteria and moisturizes the scalp—effectively relieving any itching.

Buy Raw Honey and get the benefits!

If you ever come to Walhalla, don’t forget to drop by the local market and catch some fresh honey.

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